Northwest Leadership Training at Gilman City UMC

The Northwest District has reschedule the Leadership training to Sunday, March 31, 2019 at GIlman City UMC. There will be worship, several options for workshops (listed below) and time for collaboration in the district. 

  • New Places New People  Doing Ministry in a Community less than 1000 people. Rev. Kobey Puls will lead the workshop to discuss the reality check that in 15 years your church will look completely different than it does today.  The kids in your congregation will be graduated; some families will move away; some folks will pass away. A great reason for the decline of the Church is this the way we function missionaly is not enough to sustain our current attendance numbers; let alone actually grow the Church. Living in a small community where we have seen businesses close and population decline, it is common to fall into the mindset that we are unable to grow our church. THIS IS NOT TRUE! We will discuss (and celebrate!) the unique opportunities we have as a church in a small community. 
  • Simplified Leadership Structure INTRO/REBOOT - This workshop is required and only offered for churches currently operating under the simplified structure model or interested in learning more. The pastor and one leadership council member is required to be in attendance. It focuses how to be successful in using this model and allow for increasing mission and accountability to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Rev. Cindy Buhman will be teaching the class.  
  • Traditional Structure Leadership of Pastor Parish Relations Committee - During this workshop, we will explore all of the functions of the Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC) in a traditional model, not simplified structure.  What should the committees focus on during the different times of the year? How does the committees relate to the congregation and the pastor? This is a great opportunity to sharpen your committees skills and learn from other congregations in the district. Rev. Buck Cueni-Smith will be teaching the class.  

The schedule for the afternoon of training includes:
2:00 - Welcome &  Worship
2:45 - Training Options: New Places New People or Simplified Structure Intro/Reboot
4:00 - Training Options: New Places New People or Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Call the district office if you have any questions at 816-649-5028. 

*First Name
*Last Name
*Home Church
*Position in Leadership at the Church
How long have you served in your leadership role?
*2:45 PM Workshop
New Places for New People
Simplified Structure Introduction
*4:00 Workshops
Traditional Structure - Pastor Parish Relations Committee
New Places for New People
*How long has your church been using the Simplified Structure leadership model?
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