MT 2020 Spring Lay Servant Ministries Educational Opportunity

Please join us for a day of fellowship and education!

WHEN: April 18th, 2020 

WHERE: First United Methodist Church, Kirksville, MO 


Included in this spring's classes are four choices, each designed to provide information and assist you in strengthening you faith while helping your church gain renewed energy .  The day will begin at 8 am and concluded no later than 3:30 pm. Lunch will be included. Unless noted otherise, the registration fee is $30 per person. 


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Basic: Introduction to Lay Ministries * 

Taught by Rev. Joe Cuminale

The "Introduction of Lay Ministry: The Basic Course" is the foundational course for Lay Servant Ministries. This course helps individuals identify their gifts, their calling  and thier responsibilities as followers of Christ. To become a Certified Lay Servant participants must complete this course and one advanced lay servant course.


Advanced Course: Preaching- From Your Heart to Theirs

Taught by Rev. Cheryl Flaim

This course will be helpful for anyone called upon to preach in a pastor's abcense or for anyone interested in gaining additional preaching skills. 

(An evaluation form of your  preaching completes this class.)


Advanced Course: Prayer *

Taught by Rev. Jennifer Finley, Deacon

This class will test some preconceived ideas, stretch your thinking and enrich your prayer life. It will give you the opportunity to grow in the discipline of leading public prayer. 


Leadership Roles in the Church

Taught by Rev, Steve Pinnell, District Superintedndent

Learn the job duties of all leadership postitions in the church, including nurtering and outreach.  No book requirement. $10 for lunch. 


* In order for our classes to qualify for  Continuing Education Credit  (CEU) through the Annual Conference, participants must read  the prescribed book and complete questions prior to the class. These questions will be sent  to you along with the book upon recipt of registration. The  questions will be used to facilitate discussion during class time. 


Select One Below:

Basic Course
Advance Course: Preaching- From Your Heart to Theirs
Advance Course: Prayer
Leadership Roles in the Church
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