Global Connect: Site Host Evaluation

The following questions are suggested to guide you in evaluating your experience with the Missouri Global Connect team. This reflection may be completed in an onsite meeting with the mission team leader if desired. Your response will be used to help future experiences.

Host Contact Information
*First Name
*Last Name
*Mission Site Name
*Mission Site Location
Team Information
*Name of Team Leader
Team Number
Personal Reflections
*Did this mission team fulfill your initial expectations of what they were assigned to do on this mission? Please explain.
*In what specific ways did you (or your mission site team) “share the love of Christ in ways that make a Christian difference?”
*What was the single most meaningful moment shared with this mission team for you?
*Did you have sufficient opportunities to worship and interact with the mission team? Please explain.
*If this mission team expressed an interest to return to your mission site, what would you tell them?
*List any suggestions that might be helpful for Missouri Annual Conference in sending future teams to your mission site.
*Were your expectations or impressions of the team prior to arrival on-site reinforced? Changed? How?
*Did the work of this team measure up to your expectations? If not, why not?
*Were all the financial responsibilities of this team concluded or resolved?
*Was there good coordination with the Team Leader? If not, where did it break down?
*What suggestions do you have for ways in which we could have served with you better?
Other Comments

Please feel free to comment on any of your answers above or on any aspect of the mission.

Thank you for partnering with us!  Thank you for your hospitality and we are humbled to be in ministry together.

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