Pre-Annual Conference Institute with Fierce Conversations

Fierce workshop attendees learn to ignite productive dialog that interrogates reality, provokes learning, resolves tough challenges and enriches relationships. It’s the place to begin, the cornerstone of great leadership, healthy cultures, intelligent strategies, and whole-hearted execution.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

9 AM - 10:30 AM: Registration

10:30 AM: Session 1

12:00 PM: Lunch

1 PM - 5 PM: Session 2

If the track you'd like to attend is full, please contact Heather Birge to be put on a wait list.

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Team Track

The Team Track will offer a dual purpose. It will focus on how you are utilizing your teams, and it will also move into how to have difficult conversations effectively.

Team: Are you tapping into the knowledge available within your team and across different departments within your organization? Are the people in your meetings actively contributing? Or are they texting under the table? When using the Fierce Team methodologies, leaders can make the best possible decisions for the organization. It enables alignment, collaboration, and partnership, not only within your own team, but across the organization.

Confrontation: You can feel it. Something needs to change. Whether you’ve felt it for a week or years, that feeling can weigh you down. Avoiding a difficult conversation is not a good choice, and it’s definitely not a solution. A Fierce Confrontation will result in a healthy and satisfying outcome, with a deep understanding of the truth and mutual respect for one another.

Gen Track

The church is engaging serveral different generations every day. Are diversity differences a team strength or a point of contention? How do you create a culture of inclusion where every person has input without creating bottlenecks in effectiveness?

Fierce Generations is diversity training with a multigenerational lens. It provides a framework for uniting people and realizing the rewards of an inclusive culture by celebrating points of diversity among groups.

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Please choose the track which you would like to attend. Space is limited to 100 participants per track.

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Gen Track ($79)
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