Lay Servant Registration March 2019

The Spring Lay Servant Courses will be offered on Saturday, March 16th at two different locations in the district: Richmond UMC and Mound CIty UMC. The same three courses will be offered at each location, see course and location details below. 

Course Location Options:

  • Richmond UMC, 212 W. Main Street, Richmond, MO 64085
  • Mound City UMC, 312 E 7th St., Mound City, MO 64470

Course Options:

  • The Basic Course, using Lay Servant Ministries: Basic Course Participants Book, by S. Zeigler-Jackson & B. Jackson, is foundational for all advance courses. Participants are encouraged to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders and remaining rooted in consistent spiritual practices.
  • Leading Worshipusing the book Worshiping with United Methodist by H. Hickman. This course focuses on the ministry of the Lay Servant who either regularly or occasionally leads a group, class, or the congregation in worship. Participants will come to understand more about Christian worship in order to lead worship with more confidence.
  • Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders, book by Brown, Merry, and Briggs will guide Lay Servants seeking to be more empowered to lead their congregations toward vitality. Written with two distinct purposes, Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders will first define the three disciplines of Christian transformational leadership and the four qualities of Christian transformational leaders.

Registration Deadline is March 4, 2019. 

Pre-course work will be assigned a few weeks prior to the class date.

Books available at COKESBURY.COM, or most Christian book stores. Be sure to read your book prior to class and other pre-homework may be assigned.

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